Life Solutions

If you’re facing any problems in life related to money, business, relationship or anything else, then we have solution for you through astrology.

The god sent gifts to humans to shield ourselves from our oozh is worships and remedies (pariharams). They protect our mind from getting weak by facing the problems of life. Worships and remedies do not give complete solution to our problems if we do not understand them completely and make changes to our mind appropriately.

When prasna, muhurththa, nimiththa and ganitha in our horoscope are taken into account, any ill effect that would take place in our future will be predicted. When the predicted ill effects have to be neutralised, we have to do different forms of worship such as, yagam, poojai, homam, chanting mantra, having paintings of God, sacrifices, pariharams, temple worship, wearing prayer beads, offering free food to the masses and charity works.

Doing the above said remedies alone is not enough to escape the ill effects of oozh. Understanding them completely and having clear idea about the potency of the places, and the protocol of those worships is important.

It is very important to have a good rapport with God to enjoy the full benefits of the worships and remedies. So, we have to know the science behind temples and worships and we should not be doing them for the sake of doing as it will diminish whatever connection we have with God.

The last hope for us to lead a life which is free of any ill effects is worships and remedies. It is our duty to do them right.

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